GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API, gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more, makes it easier to evolve APIs over time, and enables powerful developer tools.
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Common Misconfigurations

Introspection query: Simply put is a way to query the server for its GraphQL back-end schema and to get a complete documentation and list of what API calls are available in the back-end. This is originally meant to be used internally. The introspection query should only be allowed internally and should not be allowed to the general public.
Introspection Query
{"query":"\n query IntrospectionQuery {\r\n __schema {\r\n queryType { name }\r\n mutationType { name }\r\n subscriptionType { name }\r\n types {\r\n ...FullType\r\n }\r\n directives {\r\n name\r\n description\r\n locations\r\n args {\r\n ...InputValue\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n\r\n fragment FullType on __Type {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n description\r\n fields(includeDeprecated: true) {\r\n name\r\n description\r\n args {\r\n ...InputValue\r\n }\r\n type {\r\n ...TypeRef\r\n }\r\n isDeprecated\r\n deprecationReason\r\n }\r\n inputFields {\r\n ...InputValue\r\n }\r\n interfaces {\r\n ...TypeRef\r\n }\r\n enumValues(includeDeprecated: true) {\r\n name\r\n description\r\n isDeprecated\r\n deprecationReason\r\n }\r\n possibleTypes {\r\n ...TypeRef\r\n }\r\n }\r\n\r\n fragment InputValue on __InputValue {\r\n name\r\n description\r\n type { ...TypeRef }\r\n defaultValue\r\n }\r\n\r\n fragment TypeRef on __Type {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n ofType {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n ofType {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n ofType {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n ofType {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n ofType {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n ofType {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n ofType {\r\n kind\r\n name\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n ","variables":null}
We can Visualize the query results using
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Tools & Burp extensions

GitHub - doyensec/inql: InQL - A Burp Extension for GraphQL Security Testing


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